Sunday, January 8, 2012

Post #1 Create a Blog and Embed a Voki Avitar

Wow! That was way easier than I expected. Francie, you did a great job bringing it to the lowest common denominator for all of us, especially the novices in the group. Your organization and handouts show you are really a good teacher. I love the Voki characters. I think the kids would have a lot of fun with this in any content area. My "fear factor" has just been greatly reduced. YEA!


  1. What a fun name for your blog! I like your friendly VOKI who talks about "becoming very good friends." That's one of the most important goals of 11 Tools - blogging to share ideas and build a strong online learning community. Good job using labels, too. They become an important way of refining a search when researching information in a blog or another online informational source.

  2. I agree with you Mac. Embedding the Voki into my Blog was a piece of cake!

  3. My students LOVE creating Vokis to present "how-tos" to the class- we always get a kick out of watching them speak!