Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Post #2 Building a PLN

At first I visited the blogs of close teammates and friends just to see their posting personalities and admire some of the clever and creative designs. This is all very new to me and I find it somewhat time consuming. I do know, however, it will only get easier and faster the more I use it. I then ventured to the blogs of HCE teachers who also teach Math and Science to see what they have found to be of interest and helpful in their classrooms. That was a big help in pointing me in the direction I wanted to go. Thanks ladies! I am likely to be more of a blog "eavesdropper" for a while as I get comfortable with sharing with strangers. I do not like the idea of public following and will keep it private for right now. As in everything, etiquette goes a long way. Asking leading questions and inviting comments is just good teaching (and conversation). I see my oh so tiny microcosm expanding with my PLN.

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  1. It does take a while to become comfortable expressing your opinions online for all to see! Google Reader is a great tool for setting up a list of blogs you would like to follow and just view the most recent postings. You can easily follow "professional" blogs *and* your HCE/SBISD colleagues’ blogs.