Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Post #3 Embedding Videos

YouTube and TeacherTube are common "go to" sites these days. SchoolTube was interesting but video and audio quality was not always good. For them all, you have to search and preview everything! United Streaming is tried and true and after a while, you figure out the tricks to having content available without the kinks. To have a search engine for videos like should be a huge time saver.  Embedding them is not too difficult. Regarding copyright and fair use, my attorney daughter has repeatedly advised me that as long as I keep the media within my classroom or school community ( secure locations) and not out in the public, I am good to go. Tool 3 concurs. I think I will still go to Google Images as my first attempt at finding content pictures, but and are on my list to try again. Google Images user right filter is good to know about. I had to subscribe to Dropbox for a district committee and love its organization and accessibility features. I created a new folder just for my use and might finally be able to get rid of the 10+ USB drives I have from years past. I am curious as to how fast the allotted storage will be used and how easy it will be to acquire additional space.

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  1. Great job embedding your video. Your commentary about copyright and Dropbox are well-written. Getting rid of those pesky flash drives would be nice. I had the sad experience of losing all information in a folder one time when I got too frisky about ejecting it from the USB port. Dropbox is the key!