Monday, February 6, 2012

Post #5 Creating Products with Web 2.0 Tools

Trading cards can be used for any content area. Students can use pictures and text to convey knowledge. This could be a set of planet cards with pertinent information on each one. Or create a variety of scientist biographies as studied throughout the year. The text does not always space as expected and the program lacks a preview that is editable. But I like the concept.

Xtranormal is a very fun tool for giving voice to students. It is easy to create and manipulate and for the most part gives the product you expect. I wish the camera was easier to manipulate and also would love to see the ability to insert a graphic or photograph to help with explanations and examples. I think the kids would love this, as they would vokis. I made a movie about the water cycle to present to my class, but my account does not allow me to publish and there is no obvious way to upgrade and give me that ability, so I will have to finish this a little later. I'm back. I remade my movie for the class to see. I registered and will publish here. I read that it will cost me, but we will see. Free! Yea! I want my class to make movies during their study of planets. I hope to find a human/alien character mix that the kids can use to impart their knowledge of the planet of their choice.

Water Cycle Theif
by: macrozzell

I also tried another movie making site called GoAnimate. It was very limited unless you upgrade. I did not want to try in case it would cost me. Even the Educator version had a price. Though, it was easy to use. Trial Run by Mac R

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

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