Friday, March 2, 2012

Post #7 Reaching Outside the Classroom

Well, here is my baby step.  I am not exactly flattening the walls of my classroom, more like knocking on the adjoining wall. Having two separate classes makes this fairly easy. I will see both classes in my room and will be able to oversee the process and progress. The content objective is to better understand the water cycle by creating a collaborative project with the Google Docs presentation program. The small groups in both classes will be assigned a stage of the water cycle. They will be required to explain and illustrate their stage with pictures and text, giving multiple examples of each stage ie. accumulation, clouds, precipitation, etc. One product will be compiled for a final project. Here is an example of the tool format. I would like to collaborate with another class outside of the US to gather and interpret data on some kind of science experiment. Maybe a little later.

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