Saturday, March 3, 2012

Post #9 Incorporating Classroom Devices

1. Linking our technology to content objectives is essential! (Make activities congruent with objectives)We have no time to waste during the day as we tackle the heavy load of curricula we are required to cover. 
2. Holding students accountable is also a must. Often times they get lost in the entertainment and forget that there is a purpose to their use of all technology. For those applications that render a final product, accountability is fairly easy, though cooperation and participation in the effort need also be added to the grading rubric. When no product is made, teachers need to have a written piece that demonstrates learning and understanding. Whether this is a journal reflection or a written application, students must know that they are being held accountable for their time spent on these devices.
3.  I found several new links to interactive sites that I plan to add to my current repertoire. I loved TutPup but was not able to register. Perhaps because it was the weekend and it is only available for registration during the week. I will keep trying until I am successful. I like the global scope as kids compete against students from other countries. I tried Mengahigh earlier in the year, but found it too advanced for third grade. At the beginning of the year I paid for a subscription to Learning Games. It is very easy to navigate as it is organized by grade level and skills. I tried to register for but was put off by their request for students' full names. I will try with only first names and see what happens. I am awaiting an email from Ten Marks to confirm my registration. I think the kids will enjoy all of these. TESiboard has the ability to print the results of an activity. Great accountability opportunity! In August, I compiled a list of interactive sites for parents to access as a way for their kids to practice math facts. Some of the suggestions came from the students themselves.
4. I actually visited the blogs of other HCE math teachers to see what APPS they recommended. That cut down on my surfing time considerably. I liked Mad Math, Coin Genius, and Fraction Factory. For accountability, students can take a screen shot of their results and email it to me or leave it in Photos for me to check. Then I can delete it to leave room for others.
5. I hope to experiment with a technology menu this year when our new devices finally arrive. It will be a work in progress as I become more familiar with the different tools and experience how the students react and  work cooperatively (I hope) together. 

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