Saturday, February 23, 2013

PLN (Professional Learning Network)

They say "A journey begins with a single step."  At a stretch, I am at step number two in the PLN trip. Finding the time to browse the thousands, if not millions, of sites is my biggest problem. I suppose it is a generational thing, but it takes me way longer to surf the internet than than it does my younger colleagues. Weeding through the mass of information takes time, be it time well spent sometimes. Honestly, reading what the other ETrainers have posted has been informative and I have already looked at a few of their suggestions and favorites. An SBISD blog by grade level, sharing best practices and exciting creations, would spread the wealth of knowledge that is right here in our own backyard.


  1. Actually I was going to suggest you begin your PLN within our own circle. As a result of reading the blogs listed here, I have added about 6 names to those I am already following. And that is how you do it. Don't spend hours on the web searching--instead, as you stumble across what you believe might be of interest and helpful to you, then add them to your blog. Your PLN doesn't happen overnight--it is a dynamic event that changes weekly if not daily.

  2. I too, struggle to visit and move through the posts, links, tweets of everyone I'm following. Some days, I find more time than others to develop myself, and I have become OK with that. I know that I may miss something (the ones I don't visit or the rss feed emails I delete) , but I also know that I have gained something (the ones I have opened, read, and responded to). Like Sheri, I have already learned so much from this activity - I'm sorry we didn't start this sooner! I hope that you can embrace the opportunity - don't fret over what you may miss! You'll still come out ahead of where you were!